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Welcome to step right up manuals part-9

Welcome to step right up manuals part-9

Let’s see, I’m supposed to write something about the homepage. Only a moron would need something written about the home page. It’s all right there, all of it. Well okay I will pull it out or put it up in front of me on the computer so I can describe what I see. It says welcome to step right up Manuals your source for over 3000 downloadable PDF service manuals for over 40,000 models of appliances as well as heating and cooling. Blah, blah, blah!

Above it is the step right up appliance manuals logo. That was designed by my first webmaster. Those were the old Joomla days. Joomla sucks! One thing sucks about is my site is so full of manuals that it would not allow me to add new ones! And there are new ones to add! So the site had to be rebuilt with WordPress. And that’s where my webmaster came in. He’s a good webmaster and his wife is a great cook and he has a sweet daughter who sometimes helps him with my website. I think she’s about 4 years old or something. We owe it all to her.

Now he’s skyping me telling me what I have to say. I wonder if its really his daughters idea. She is the genius of the family.

He says and I quote, quote title should be like this… The biggest archive of electronic service manuals over 3000 plus. That sound redundant to me to say over 3000 plus. If it were my idea I would say over 3000! And leave the plus out. This is my explanation of my┬áhomepage. My webmaster is making me do it.