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Winter is on the way.

Winter 2016 is on the way!  Make sure your heating devices are up to snuff and won’t break down when you need them.  Clean them out.  If you use electric baseboard heat, make sure all the fins are clean.  If stuff is caught between the fins it cuts down on the airflow between the fins and causes the room to heat up more slowly even if the heat is up.  That will increase energy consumption which will raise your energy bill and contribute to climate change.

Furnaces should be cleaned and if you have a gas furnace or boiler make sure you have a spare ignitor that you can easily replace if your old one goes out.   If you’re not sure how to do it you can probably find a service manual on this site that will help you.  It could save you a lot of money over a service call.  Stay warm this winter and think twice about getting a flu shot.  Last time I got one I got the flu 3 times that season.  Never again for me.  Have a good winter.