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Welcome to step right up manuals part-10

Welcome to step right up manuals part-10

I can’t believe it! Summer is more than half over! Yikes! You know what that means. It mean soon there will be fall colors, and after that oh no, not again!

I live in a very small apartment that is super hard to heat in the winter. Winter in Wisconsin is one of the worst things you can imagine. All know and it’s coming. And my apartment is really hard to heat. I bought a space heater and put it in and it worked for a while but it was Chinese so it broke down in a short time. Instead of doing the smart thing and taking it back to the store, I thought I would fix it myself. Sometimes in life we make bad decisions. Well it I ended up having to get a new heater and the store would not take this one back because I had taken it apart. It was one of those times where they did a close inspection and saw that something was not right because I had cut through a label strategically placed over a screw and they knew, haha, this guy took a part this heater and probably made it worse and at least voided the warranty, so if he thinks he can return it to us, he better think again.

Well if I had had a manual at that time I would have just taking it back to the store, because the manual would have made it look so complicated that it would not be worth fixing. Live and Learn. I didn’t have that manual anyway. I don’t have all the manuals there are in the universe, but I’m working on it. If you have a manual that you want to donate to me I would be glad to have it. You never know, I might not already have it, and there might be someone who needs it, and this site is all about having all these manuals at one place so people don’t have to search and search for them.

This is what I’m supposed to write about heaters. My webmaster is making me do this. I don’t get paid to do this. I might never get paid to do this. He thinks I have nothing else to do. People ask me, “Hey, do you want to go out and have a good time?” I tell them no I have to stay home and write blog posts for my webmaster. They give me a little sympathy and go out and have a good time. Oh well.

I noticed my webmaster was out having a good time while I was writing blog posts.

Have you ever thought about the number of microwave ovens there are out there? And the number of brands of microwave ovens there are out there? There are millions! And there are millions of microwave oven repair manuals also. How can you ever find the right one? Easy! Go to and there is a good chance that you will find the right one, and you won’t have to spend hours searching for the right one. I know. I searched and searched and there’s millions of manuals to sort through. So why have that headache?

One thing you have to remember about fixing microwave ovens is that they have a lot of voltage stored in them and you have to ground it before you can safely work on it. Don’t forget that! It’s important! I have a friend who was knocked across the room when he touched the wrong thing. And it’s easy to ground it. The instructions for grounding should be in every microwave oven repair manual. All it takes is a screwdriver and touch it to the right two places and the charge is discharged and you can safely work.

I think my webmaster will be happy with this post because I told some serious information in it. I wasn’t just joking around and just saying stuff that balances through my head. He doesn’t like that. He says he does but I know that he compliments me when he wants a raise. But he tells his wife that he’s going to have to edit every single one of my blog posts to make them sound better, even though he knows nobody is going to read them. Oh well, what to do?

There are some problems with living in Wisconsin. They are 1, ticks. There are ticks everywhere. Don’t touch the grass, don’t touch the trees, don’t touch the leaves, don’t touch anything, learn to levitate. Number 2 mosquitoes. Blah, blah, blah. Number 3 the governor. He is running for president. What a joke. I won’t get into that because I want to sell manuals, and some people actually stand by him. Maybe those are the people who don’t buy manuals and this will not affect my sales. Let us hope so.

A friend of mine, who’s a contractor, was renovating a house and he asked me to fix the range in the kitchen. It was an old range and, if it were me, I would have just replaced it, but part of the job was to make everything look old, just cleaned up, but still look old because it looks nice that way. So I had to fix this range and there was no manual for it because it was so old. Of course, I fixed it, but it wasn’t easy because it required new parts. But that’s an aside. I’m really here to talk about, because my webmaster says I have to even if I have other things to do. I could be taking my tablet to a job and using it to look up a repair manual and fixing something. That way I could make some money. The only way I can make money doing this is if you readers, buy a manual or two from me. And then I don’t make much money. Do you realize how much money it takes to build and maintain and operate a website? Since 2008, this site has been a risky venture to say the least. One of these days it might break even, and it would do that sooner if I sell some manuals. So if you hear of anyone who has a broken home appliance, turn them on to this site. It couldn’t hurt. And that is what I have to say about kitchen appliance repair manuals.

Refrigerators are super expensive to buy. Have you bought one lately? I bet that set you back a pretty penny. Why didn’t you just fix the old one? You didn’t have a manual to fix it, you say? I bet you regret that! Now there is no excuse not to fix a broken refrigerator, because I have manuals right here on this site! You might never have to buy a new refrigerator again. So sell all of your stock in refrigerator companies, because it’s going to go down. Nobody is going to buy refrigerators after they know about this website. They’re going to fix them all them selves, with the help of a repair manual. Tell all your friends not to fix their refrigerators! They’re too hard to move in and out of the kitchen anyway. My brother has a very small kitchen, and when he replaced his refrigerator they had to take out some of his cabinets so they could slide the refrigerator in and out. This heartache is entirely avoidable. Just buy a manual from me and see what happens.

My webmaster is threatening to quit unless I clean up my act. He wants serious blog posts, even though he knows no one is going to read them. To me it seems like a waste of time. I’m caught in the middle. Do I want to keep my trusty webmaster and submit to his demands or do I want to be free? Maybe I’ll take a survey and see which of my readers want me to submit and which of my readers want me to be free. Stay tuned for the survey. It’s going to happen soon and the world will be changed.